Thursday, March 11, 2021

Accept ThySelf

We all have thoughts and emotions and most of the time feel that whatever we think is all right, even often think that we know better than others. As a result, people might feel that accepting self is very easy. However, I realized that accepting the positive part of ourselves is easier than the negative part.

Since my childhood, many thoughts came to my mind and sometimes I wanted to write down those and publish them elsewhere but the interesting fact is, I had never written any stories, newspaper articles, or books although I wanted them many times. I always hesitate what others would think if I write any foolish thoughts and others will judge me negatively that I am not good at writing.

In covid-19, though it was very challenging every moment to survive, this hardest part of my life is remarkable. During the lockdown, it was very difficult to maintain daily routines especially when the school gave off and kids were at home. Initially, I accepted the situation positively because we were getting a chance to spend time with family members and the first month went smoothly for me despite the fear of affecting covid-19. I had been following the routine but day by day after passing a few months it became harder, especially, I could not get my personal time. 

After six months of lockdown, I came back to my work and enjoying neo-normal life. That time, I had a chance to attend a training and I realized that withdrawing myself from writing is the programming that I
fitted very strongly into my mind since my childhood. I felt very shy to write down and express my inner feelings and thoughts in written form to others. The moment I realized, I expanded my map based on the NLP presupposition “The map is not the territory”. I accepted myself, started writings, and stop thinking about what others will think about my writing. If anyone would judge my writing negatively, I will also accept that as the NLP said “Respect your map and respect others' map”.

I wrote two articles, among them, one has been published in “Global Trainers, Coaches and Counselors Organization” training center’s blog in India titled “Advancing self through expanding map”. Another one published in a renowned Bangladeshi newspaper “The Daily Prothom-Alo” titled” Good habit for good neuronal Health” was shared by more than 100. Moreover, I have published a few small articles in my personal blog (

Nowadays, whenever I get a chance to submit writing, I just write down whatever ideas come to my mind and submit them for publication. I feel happy to be myself and I am writing as well. Though it is very hard to accept yourself as you are, the moment you accept, you will feel the inner strength to move forward in your life.


Mental Health Counselor, Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

Published in the Hustle Wisely, Page 15, February 2021, Asha the Hope, India



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